Michelle Hopkins

Michelle is Head of Capabilities & Reward at GM&T. Find out how she feels about working in our London HQ...

What I enjoy here and the reason I stay is that the HR approach overall is very progressive and allows for new ideas and ways of supporting employees to evolve over time.

Other companies I have worked for that are larger tend to stick to age-old processes, there isn’t room for new ideas but it’s very different and dynamic at GM&T: this flexibility is attractive to me.

If you show that you’re keen and eager, then the company will support you and your progression to where you want to be.

If you put all of that positivity in, then what comes out is an employee group that is happy to be here; that find it fun and are ultimately successful.

My advice would be that it’s a fast-paced environment, very dynamic in that way, but you feel that everyone is aiming for the same goal and are in it together.

If you are prepared to have the role which is definitely not kept within the box and that you can shape and develop over time, then this is the place for you.