What we do

At GM&T, we’re committed to finding the right fit. Individuals with talent, vision and drive are good; those who share our passion for ambition and stay in sync with our goals are better. Thinking about joining us? Read on to discover how you can be a part of the Gazprom Marketing & Trading success story.

We’re all about letting your skills and ideas speak for themselves. With plenty of opportunity for autonomy, we give you the freedom to flourish as an individual. Keen to make a difference, we love to see new starters make an instant impact. Rather than fitting into the gears of a standard work environment, we also dedicate time to developing new skills and expertise, creating a setting that lets you thrive every day of the week.


Our blueprint for success is making full use of the diversity of our employees’ expertise, a positive outlook and a ‘can do’ culture that’s built around taking the initiative and forward thinking. In creating inventive business ideas, this combination of qualities has led to a determined workforce that remains committed to the business as a whole.


On top of all this, when working as part of the GM&T Group, you’ll be collaborating with a variety of driven, like-minded people who are undoubtedly our greatest asset. Devoted to creating an impact, we’re populated with the kind of people who love to foster relationships. Maintaining the strong bonds needed to make this leading marketing and trading company grow in stature on a daily basis is what drives us onwards, year after year.