Vision & values

The wider working culture at GM&T is one we’re immensely proud of, and it’s all down to the people who work here. Without the efforts of our diverse team, we would not be where we are today. Driven and dedicated, the goals we aim for are made possible thanks to the day-to-day efforts of everyone here.


What is it that ensures GM&T is continually progressing? The group, as a whole, lives by a collection of values that include:


Innovation and an ability to think outside of the box


Deviating from the norm. Taking the road less travelled. Approaching challenges from a different angle. Whether it’s a fully formed plan or a spark of imagination, it’s our creative thinking that’s inspired us to deliver tailored, inventive energy solutions to customers and businesses alike.


A passion for excellence, growth and learning


Fostering an environment that values the individual is hugely important to us. Letting people bring ideas to the table helps them to grow and learn from both themselves and others in the team. An atmosphere of encouragement keeps our team on their toes and instils in them a passion for everything we do, turning talented people into the best the industry has to offer.




It’s not just the work we do as a team that’s important to us, we believe that the significance of maintaining strong bonds with our customers and our parent company is two-fold. It’s hugely beneficial to the growth of ourselves as a company, and also helps to gain a better understanding of each other’s needs in the process.