Learning & personal development

We love turning today’s talent into tomorrow’s trailblazers. When we say we’re committed to ‘excellence, growth and learning’, we really do mean it. In the GM&T workplace, developing our team’s skills from day one is all part of the inspiring environment we thrive on.

At GM&T, developing your knowledge, skills and experience in a way that lets you thrive in your career is something we strongly believe in. Everything we do is fuelled by the flow of continuous learning, developing talent and strengthening the organisation in order to fully deliver on its strategic ambitions.


There’s a number of ways we do this. The learning and development solutions we provide are tailored to ensure high impact, high-quality progression. The efforts of people with potential are focused and reinforced to optimise performance. Likewise, we partner with other businesses, creating support functions that cater to both wider companies as well as the individual.


While learning and development is our employees’ responsibility, the number of programmes that GM&T offers means it’s easy to drive towards your goals, refocus your efforts whilst taking advantage of the following support options:

GM&T Academy core offer


Enrich your GM&T experience with a calendar of over 50 different workshops delivered across the globe, including industry awareness for new starters, professional skill development, and management and leadership training.

GM&T online library


Summarised to help you find vital information in minutes, our employees have access to a library of books to read on almost every device, expertly written to capture the key points and most important facts.

GM&T online content


Available via our L&D portal, we have a large variety of online content, including internally led-presentations, external videos, web-based content, eLearning and expertise packages available for all and accessible to fit into your schedule.

Language lessons


A global organisation needs a workforce that speaks the language of business across countries. Interested in bilingual business? Individual and classroom language tuition is available to employees looking to develop their language skills, including Russian, English and German.

Personal development planning


Aided by your line manager, you’ll outline your goals and plans and how they can be achieved, empowering your responsibilities and driving your career forward in the process.

Academic development support


Bolster your role in the business with financial support for academic programmes recognised by professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Mentoring scheme


Structured conversations with professionals who know the industry, our mentor and mentee opportunities help to support and enhance others in the office, and come highly recommended.

Secondment opportunities


These temporary opportunities offer an insight into how other areas of the business function. Great for career development and enhancing your current role

Lunch and learn


These sessions are designed to teach you about the wider Gazprom Group, its place in the industry, and the new, exciting projects happening within the GM&T Group.