People & Culture

At GM&T, the people we work with and the culture we create are hugely important.

Committed to creating a respectful, positive environment where everyone feels they can thrive, everything we do is informed by beliefs and attitudes that align our workforce, goals and cultural vision.

That’s why we’ve created this hub to help provide you with a better, more in-depth idea of what we do to keep GM&T focused and motivated, the values with which we function and – perhaps our greatest asset – the people who keep our worldwide operation at its best, year after year.

what we do

What we do


Growing from a single office in London to an international operation, GM&T is proud to be part of the largest gas producer in the world. Here’s where you can find out more about our inventive business ideas and people-forward working environment.

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vision and values

Visions & values


Built on a set of three core values that enable us to continuously progress and stay focused on our goals, take a look at the beliefs and ethics that inform the wider working culture here at GM&T.

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our wellbeing programme



We believe strongly in enhancing the health and wellness of our people. Learn about how our wellbeing programme supports our teams emotionally, physically and professionally.

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learning and development



We love to see the GM&T workforce grow and develop. That’s why everyone here has access to an incredible selection of resources, so they can forge their own career path. And what’s more, we give them the freedom to do it their own way.

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success stories

Success stories


Looking for insights and advice from employees who have first-hand experience of having grown with us? Across a range of teams and roles, let our talent offer a glimpse into what you can expect from a career working here.

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equality and inclusion

Diversity & inclusion


An equal opportunity employer, we strive to make working here a place where everyone – whoever they are – is respected and made to feel welcome. Check out our policies and approaches to equality and diversity here.

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