Senior Macro Analyst




Team expertise in these fields (underpinned by original analysis and modelling) will be used to identify potential commercial opportunities (trading, strategic or investment) for the company or within the wider Gazprom Group.

GAZPROM Germania GmbH is a subsidiary of the world’s largest natural gas producer, Gazprom. Since its establishment in 1990, GAZPROM Germania has developed into an internationally operating group of 44 companies in 15 countries in Europe and Asia. Its main business activities include the storage and trading of natural gas. It employs approximately 1,800 employees, around 200 of whom work at its Berlin headquarters. Together with its strategic partners, GAZPROM Germania Group helps ensure a reliable, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable energy supply for Europe.

Gazprom Marketing & Trading (GM&T) is an integral part of the GAZPROM Germania Group. Headquartered in London, GM&T operates to provide a global marketing reach, round the clock operational coverage and excellent customer service. Established in 1999, GM&T has grown from a single office in London into a truly global organisation, with around 1000 employees worldwide. With offices in Europe, Asia and the USA, GM&T trades energy commodities including gas, power, oil, LPG, helium, emissions, LNG and FX.

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Role objectives

Energy Economics & Macro Analysis is a newly formed front office team with a remit covering two main responsibilities;

1) monitoring & analysis on global macro-economic environment (incl geopolitical drivers) and their potential impacts in the commodity space and

2) generating medium to long term integrated analysis of the global energy system, the energy transition, market change and the evolving nature of the energy system as it moves to net zero.

  • Team expertise in these fields (underpinned by original analysis and modelling) will be used to identify potential commercial opportunities (trading, strategic or investment) for the company or within the wider Gazprom Group.
  • The role represents an outstanding opportunity for an experienced energy economist/analyst with expertise in analysing commodities trading markets or longer-term energy outlook analysis, possesses a keen interest in energy transition and is looking for a commercially focussed role to express those skills.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Act as a centre of excellence for energy economics/energy transition scenarios.
  • Research and maintain knowledge in this sphere, including new publications in this sphere, new technologies under development (batteries, CCUS, hydrogen development) and the likely supply/demand impact on both traditional hydrocarbons as well increased demand on energy transition commodities (including, but not limited to hydrogen, ammonia, uranium, lithium).
  • Develop and maintain databases on economic outlooks, economic models on energy demand/outlooks and models/databases on supply to meet the outlooks.
  • Monitor macro-economic data releases or outlooks, interpret their impacts on the global commodities markets and make sure trading teams are aware of impacts and can position accordingly.
  • Generate and maintain summaries of third parties view of energy transition, develop internal views on the likelihood of their evolution with a view of developing internal outlooks.
  • Maintain views of individual countries energy transition plans and identify any geopolitical changes which may impact the timeline or scope of their implementation.
  • Identify and write up trade sheets where analysis suggests a profitable trading strategy outside of the usual fundamental trading horizon (~front 12 months)
  • Support LNG/Long Term Value Creation and Strategy with economic or commodity outlooks to support their commercial strategies.
  • Prepare and distribute results of knowledge/scenarios/analysis to a variety of different customers from front office customers to senior management and wider within Gazprom Group.
  • Collaborate with other analytical teams within front office to ensure consistent cross commodity analytics in the transition from trading analytics (~12 months) to longer term.
  • Team also responsible for “major event” impact analysis – taking primary responsibility for all major events (including geopolitical events, natural disasters, infrastructure failures), leading all research, developing house view and making sure that all parts of company reflect this view.
  • Develop a network of external experts (including within wider Gazprom group) in order to stay abreast of new thinking and ideas.

Skills & Competencies

  • Deep and applied experience in quantitative/economic modelling.
  • Independent thinker; keen researcher and creative in finding alternative solutions. Strong desire & ability to learn new skills.
  • Diligent, responsible and reliable
  • Proactive and logical approach to delivering results; able to deal with conflict and field critical questioning
  • Able to build collaboration within the team and across the business
  • Ability to generate plausible, logical and economically coherent outlooks even when data may be sparse.
  • First-class command of written and spoken English –able to distil and synthetize complex concepts and analysis into actionable points


  • Proven current experience in analysing commodities markets, either within a trading environment or generating longer term economic outlooks.
  • Able to demonstrate working knowledge of developing supply/demand outlooks.
  • Understanding of global commodity trade flows and driving forces behind the current/future commodities markets.
  • Understanding of the links between global and regional economic development & energy development.
  • Understanding of statistics and modelling is highly regarded
  • A strong interest, knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding the energy transition.
  • Proven ability to produce high-quality research and analysis
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels and with stakeholders around the world
  • Ability to build and maintain extensive internal and external networks


  • Degree level education






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