How to submit your video for our Grad scheme

Learn how to submit your YouTube video as part of your Graduate Scheme application.

We would like to see a snippet of who you are which isn’t detailed on your CV. You have 60 seconds to tell us why you have chosen to apply for the specific position here on the GM&T graduate scheme.

Your video must be in the format of an unlisted video on YouTube, so it won’t be visible to anyone who doesn’t have the link. You must include your video link at the top of your CV. Please see below for more detailed information on how to upload your unlisted video:

  • Sign into your YouTube Account.
  • Go to your My Videos page.
  • Select the video you’d like to make as an unlisted video. Click Edit to access the video settings.
  • Go to the Privacy section of the page where. you’ll see an option to mark your video as “unlisted”, “public”, or “private”. Select unlisted.
  • Don’t forget to click Save Changes. Your video is now unlisted.
  • Copy the link and add to the top of your CV.

Only applications with a video will be accepted. We want to see genuine passion for your chosen programme, and to understanding how and why you chose this career path.

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